Off on Holiday

June 29, 2007

Fellow Gooners & football fans, I will be out for a month long holiday this month of July. Thus, I will not be adding any more articles until I return. Those few of you that do read my articles (which is very, very few), please comment using the ‘Comments’ link.


Jason Pereira


2 Responses to “Off on Holiday”

  1. KaiserKolo Says:

    I’ve stolen ur comment virginity…how very childish of me

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The blog looks great. give it time teg, the blog should increase it popularity, when you have good content poeple will visit.

    the only thing i suggest is the black background and white font, to confusing to the eyes.

    blogs should be easy to read and easy on the eyes, white bground and red font..take a look at other popular blogs and see!

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