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Jason Pereira 

I share a love for football, and have fervently supported Arsenal Football Club for the past 12 years- looking up to heroes such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams. Having experienced the highlights of my beloved team throughout my time of supporting them, I would like to share what I believe is an insightful, straight-forward and sometimes controversial view that I hold with the rest of the football world. Sadly, having not been to Europe yet I have not seen the magnificent Gunners play in the flesh, but the day on which I do so draws ever closer and I have watched almost every single Arsenal game of the past eight years, despite often having to wake up at 3 or 4 am in the early morning for the Champions League games. I have seen us go unbeaten in the league, win the title at the home of our rivals United, our reserves and youth team reach the final of the Carling Cup and of course our team that set a defensive record reach the Champions League final. Arsenal is not just my interest in football- I try and watch as many games as possible in order to compare and contrast the game played in England with that played abroad by the teams in La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the Eredivisie and the Championship, as well as the cup competitions of those leagues. Also, I watch as many International games as I can, trying to see world class footballers perform on the world stage against other world class footballers.

Ramin Khorasani

We are all here for one thing, to talk and read about the sport that unites
millions of people together – football.
Never did mankind 1000 years ago think that in the 21st century so many
people would be fascinated by 22 grown men kicking a white round object on a
rectangle. Well that’s the way it’s turned out, and now most of us can’t
bare 1 weekend without football. The same goes with me.
My name is Ramin Khorasani, and like most of you, am fascinated by football.
When did my fascination begin? Dennis Bergkamp.
The man who in my view, was the best striker ever in his prime, helped to
turn me into the football fan I have become now.
I, like every other person, have an opinion. That’s why I’m here writing for
all you lucky people. Sit back, enjoy, and of course comment on what I
Hope you enjoy our site and remember what an old legend once said… ‘Some
say football is not a matter of life or death… they are right, it’s more

Josh Benson

I have been an Arsenal fan ever since I have known about Football. A regular at home matches and occasionally away matches, I have followed Arsenal through good times, great times and absolutely fantastic times. This has been the focus of my writing so far but my love for the game of football as a whole means that I have a wide variety of opinions and knowledge to write about. It won’t always agree with everyone’s opinions, but that would be boring!


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