Tevez at West Ham was world class. Tevez at West Ham gave the West Ham Fans something they had missed for years; he excited them and made them feel like they had a diamond every other team wanted.

Tevez at Man Utd is not world class. He is average. But then again he is only 6 games into his Man Utd career. He will come good, but not as good as he was at West Ham. Carlos is a player that shines in a team where he is the best player, at West Ham he was this. He was better than any of their players. He controlled their attacking play and he made every goal. At Man Utd, Rooney, Ronaldo and Scholes are better. Giggs is ageing but he is on par with Tevez. Therefore Tevez isn’t noticed as much.

However, for me to sit here at 17.30 in my work office and say Tevez is rubbish is obviously not true. I have not said Tevez is no good. I said he isn’t noticed as much. This is because he is being played out of position. I know, it’s ludicrous, a striker is being played out position, yet he is still being played as a striker. How does that work? Because now strikers have different categories; there are attacking midfielders, fox in the box, a player that plays behind the striker and a striker that does all of them. Tevez is the fox in the box at the moment because United are in an injury crisis, but in truth he is the player that does it all.

Rooney coming back will make Carlos smile; Carlos doesn’t understand how to be a fox in the box. He cannot do that job. He picks the ball up from the midfielders and plays it off to the other striker, without Rooney, Carlos had to do all that PLUS get in the box to score. Carlos doesn’t usually do that, he usually either a. shoots from long distance b. sets another player up. He is a headless chicken when the wingers cross to him, he is hopeless from crosses.

Mourinho once wanted Tevez but had a bid rejected; Corinthians wanted £60m. After Chelsea’s current goal scoring record, the last player they need is Tevez, because Tevez and Drogba will not work. On paper, Sheva and Drogba should have worked but it hasn’t. In reality, Tevez and Drogba won’t work. Drogba and Villa will though… let’s leave it at that.