Sorry wrong audience! Champions league has started, and all the excitement has come back. The talk with friends all week has pretty much been about the Champions League, better known as the trophy Chelsea have failed to win even after spending £350m+, but that’s another debate. Who will win this year’s champions league? 

My friend Darren said- ‘Chelsea… Mourinho knows he needs it so he will do his best to win it’

My friend Pete said- ‘Man Utd… Fergie wants to win it one more time before he retires’

And my friend Behfar said- ‘Real Madrid… they have bought sensibly for once and it will come to aid them this year in the champions league’ 

The truth is, nowadays no-one knows. Apart from me. This year no ‘surprise package’ will win it… either Real Madrid or Chelsea will win it. Why? Because they will. More seriously, Mourinho is edging closer to being sacked by Roman. Roman has done something this season we have never seen him do; walk out after Chelsea let in a goal. This was done after Villa scored their second goal at Villa Park a few weeks ago. Read the rest of this entry »